People continue to search for key information about swim spas. In the search for more and more information, a series of questions keep coming up.

Since lovers of luxury need the right information and it is important that it thas to comes from the right source. China royal swim spa comes with all the required services and added questions.

From the care of the water, to the care of the tub, its maintenance, and even tips for swimming, those who love luxury and want them around their home keep asking questions.

But one important question keeps coming back. People are concerned about installing the swim spa in their homes. Here is some crucial information you need to have in mind before installation.

Owning a swim spa is a big but beautiful step in the right direction. The installation can be a thrilling experience. But just before delivery, make sure of the correct things to do.

Important Requirements For Your Swim Spa Installation

What base does it need?

A swim spa requires a surface that is level, solid and can carry weight. A 4-inch thick concrete pad perfectly fits that description.

Some luxury lovers around the world have chosen not to use the concrete pad. They chose to use EZ pads instead.

Whatever choice you make, just make sure that the swim spa requires a level surface beneath the pad. This is needed to prevent the swim spa from moving from position when it is mounted.

Whatever you do, do not place your swim spa in the grass or support it with other objects to keep level when on an uneven surface.

It is in your best interest to contact a proffesional to level the site surface before installation. Another option is to brace your deck.

As an intsallation option, you could insatll a pavement by contacting the experts for a precise and well thought out job.

Required clearance for ease of access

Just like many others, you could be wondering how much space is needed in order to succesfully install a swim spa. This can be a problem for some people.

Based on the model and type of the swim spa, the sizes may vary greatly or in small bits. Whatever the case, you should know that space is needed to access the swim spa.

Clearance is needed for servicing, going in and coming out of the swim spa, and regular maintenance. Space is also needed to be able to access the control pane of the swim spa.

Three feet on each side of the swim spa is recommended. If you plan to install your swim spa in-ground, make space for access to the control panel by building a deck around it.

Dedicate a power source to your swim spa

A liscenced elecrticain should be contacted to evaluate the swim spa setup. He is to install a breaker if there is a need, and make the connection to the swim spa.

Keep the delivery in mind

Keep in mind that the sim psas can be as wide as 8 feet, and the delivery team might need almost double that space to successfully install the device.


Put in some work to plan how the installation process will work and you will avoid unneccesary delays and save yourself a lot of inconveniences.


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