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A Catalog of Honey Blonde Hair Wigs

The following list is designed as a catalog to assist you in purchasing the best honey blonde wig from the plethora of options flourishing in the market. The list is categorized based on three hair textures- Curly, Wavy, and Straight. These wigs are designed and manufactured by ALLOVEHAIR with premium quality materials. Worldwide shipping of all products is available.

Curly Wigs In Honey Blonde Shade

  1. P4/27 Curly Wig

Made with 10 A Grade 100% Natural Human Hair, this wig comes in a P4/27 Honey Blonde Ombre shade with a Deep Wave texture. Lengths of Hair in stock for this wig are 16 inches to 26 inches when straightened. The wig density is 150%. For the Lace net, a 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure is used. The wig is pre-plucked with baby hair to give a natural hairline.

  1. HD Front Lace Wig With Curls

This High-Definition wig made with Unprocessed Human Hair features Deep Wave textured hair in the shade P4/27 Honey Blonde. The different Hair Lengths to pick from are 10 inches to 26 inches, and two options are available for the Hair Volume- 150% and 180%. Swiss Lace is used to make the 13*4 Lace Net which comes with pre-plucked baby hair.

  1. Medium Length Wig With Middle Part Lace

The style of this wig is a Deep Wave texture with a Middle-part. It is made with 10 A Grade Virgin Human Hair. The color of the hair is a P4/27 Highlight Ombre. The wig volume is 150%, and options of lengths of hair are 14 inches to 26 inches. Lace Net used in the wig has a T-Part and, for a natural hairline, comes with pre-plucked baby hair.

Wavy Wigs In Honey Blonde Color

  1. Wig With Transparent Lace

This P4/27 Honey Blonde Ombre Hair wig has a Body Wave texture, 13*4 Transparent Swiss lace, and two Hair density options of 150% and 180%. The range of lengths available is 10 inches to 30 inches when straightened out. The wig is pre-plucked with baby hair for a refined and natural finish. Hair can be combed easily and re-styled or dyed with an assurance of no shedding.

  1. Human Hair Wig With Dark Honey & Blonde Shade

The wig is in the shade p4/27 Honey Blonde Ombre with a soft Body Wave texture. This wig is made with 10 A Grade 100% Natural Human Hair and 4*4 Transparent Lace Net Closure. The length of hair that ALLOVEHAIR offers for this wig are 16 inches to 26 inches, with two density options of 150% and 180%. Baby hair is pre-plucked to provide a natural hairline.

  1. Non-lace Wig With Headband

Made with 10 A Grade Human Hair, this wig comes with P4/27 Honey Blonde Highlights in a Body Wave texture. A distinct feature of this wig is that a Headband is used instead of the usual Lace Net. A wide variety of hair lengths ranges from 10 inches to 28 inches. The density of hair in this wig is 150%. All hair wigs by ALLOVEHAIR can be groomed and styled with ease.

Straight Hair Wigs In Honey Blonde

  1. Lace Closure Wig P4/27

A P4/27 Honey Blonde Ombre hair wig with smooth Straight Hair. It is made with 100% Virgin Human Hair and 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure pre-plucked with baby hair. Hair density in this wig is available in 2 varieties- 150% and 180%. In contrast, the length options for this Straight Hair wig are 16 inches to 26 inches. The style and color of the hair can be refashioned.

  1. Straight Hair Wig With Medium Bangs

This wig features a beautiful fusion of P4/27 Honey Blonde shade with Brown Ombre Highlights. The texture of the hair is Straight with Bangs, and the wig is made with 10 A Grade 100% unprocessed Human Hair. Wig density is 150%, and the available options for Hair Lengths are 8 inches to 26 inches. This wig is Machine-Made and guarantees effortless combing and styling without any chemical smells or shedding.


The list above is aimed at briefly elaborating on features of Honey Blonde Hair wigs manufactured by ALLOVEHAIR. It catalogs the diversity of hair wigs available for a single shade to suit all occasions, from formal to informal celebrations. In addition to this collection, ALLOVEHAIR also provides customization services.


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